Call for sponsors

We expect several hundreds of visitors in the Israeli Joomla Day.

Joomla is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) being used in millions of websites worldwide. There are several thousand Websites powered by Joomla in Israel from small business and personal sites to governmental portals.

There purpose of Israeli Joomla day is to made newcomers to meet Joomla, to establish a strong user community and to discuss beginners and advanced subjects. Tel-Aviv University gave us some lecture rooms and halls for the event.

Making such an event cost some money. This document describes the opportunities to your company to support the important event.

There are several stages of support opportunities:

  • Bronze: 200$, will benefit the supporter with its name on the supporters panel on the event website.
  • Silver: 500$ will benefit the supporter same as above plus the optio of putting a 200X100 pixels logo on the website.
  • Gold: 800$ and Above. All of the above. plus the opportunity to print the name and logo of the company on T shirts or hats that will be made for the event. With such sponsorship the supporter will be able to hang a Roll-Up and a small table with goods/information for the event visitors. Place of the sign and table will be decided by the event committee.

Thus should be understood that a donator or supporter is not part of the organizing committee.

To make this event in an appropriate manner we need some financial resources i.e. money. Donation of software or other things that are not money is appropriate but does not help to our needs. Money transfer will be made through “HAMAKOR” association which made this option for us.

I Ask you as a reprehensive of your company to support us on making israeli joomla day better.

You can contact us or donate with the form.

If you think that some other company or organization will be interested in such donation, you are more than welcome to pass the message

May thanks

The organizing committee